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Sponge Gourd / घोसाळे / तुरई

Sponge Gourd / घोसाळे / तुरई

₹24.00 ₹18.00 250 gm
  • 500 gm ₹48.00 ₹36.00
  • 1000 gm ₹96.00 ₹64.00
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    Product Code: Sponge Gourd / घोसाळे / तुरई
    Sponge Gourd is used in the treatment of skin disorders, poisoning, inflammatory conditions and high Kapha and Pitta Dosha. 
    -Blood purifier: it is said to be an excellent blood purifier as it flushes out the pollutants from the blood. 
    -Prevent Diabetes: gourds have insulin which is extremely beneficial for diabetes. 
    -Good for stomach: it prevents indigestion which leads to the healthy stomach. 
    -Skin care: fully grown gourds can be used as the scrubber. It helps to eliminate dead skin cells from the body or face.
    -Weight loss: it helps to prevent cholesterol, therefore, it helps to lose weight.
    -As it is good for stomach it cures jaundice.

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