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Dill Leaves / शेपू

Dill Leaves / शेपू

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Product Code: Dill Leaves / शेपू
Dill's green leaves are flimsy and fernlike and contain a spongy, sweet taste.Dill is also very rich in minerals, vitamin C and flavonoids. It contains a strong aroma & a unique sharp taste. The flavor of dill leaves reduces greatly the longer it is cooked. Dill is popularly utilized as a condiment in soups, meat marinade and salads. It is also utilized as a leafy addition to various sabjis. Product image shown is for representation purpose only, the actually product may vary based on season, produce & availability.Protection Against Free Radicals and Carcinogens.An Anti-Bacterial Spice.A Flavorful Way to Help Prevent Bone Loss.

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