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Cucumber Green / काकडी-हिरवी

Cucumber Green / काकडी-हिरवी

₹15.00 ₹10.00 250 gm
  • 500 gm ₹30.00 ₹20.00
  • 1000 gm ₹60.00 ₹32.00
  • 2000 gm ₹120.00 ₹60.00
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    Product Code: Cucumber Green / काकडी हिरवी
    Cucumber is one of the most versatile crops out there. Though prepared and eaten as a vegetable, cucumber is, botanically speaking, really a fruit.  It is an extremely good source of Vitamin C, K and also includes vitamin A and B complex vitamins and minerals. It is low in calories and contains high water content.
    Benefits: Including cucumber in your diet may prove useful in terms of preventing disease. Cucumber has long been known as a natural beauty product as well, with fresh cucumber slices used to minimize puffy eyes, or rubbed on cellulite to achieve a tighter appearance of the skin. Cucumber contains antioxidants chemicals that your body uses to prevent cellular damage and also has a cooling effect on your body, making cucumber a great addition to your diet during the summer months.

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