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Desi Gir Cow (A2) Ghee / शुध्द गिर गाय A2 तूप

Desi Gir Cow (A2) Ghee / शुध्द गिर गाय A2 तूप

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Product Code: Desi Gir Cow (A2) Ghee / शुध्द गिर गाय A2 तूप

100% Pure Grass fed A2 Gir Cow's hand churned Ghee is typically prepared by simmering butter, which is churned from cultured curd (traditionally made dahi), skimming all milk solids from the surface, then pouring and retaining the clear liquid ghee while discarding the solid residue that has settled to the bottom.

A2 Gir Cow's Ghee is full of nutritive fatty acids, an ideal fat source for indian vegetarian diet. Blessed with balanced omega 3 to omega 6 ratio and Conjugated linoleic acid, Its regular consumption enhances physical and mental strength for balanced and active lifestyle. It keeps the body healthy and increases the potency of the body.

Pure A2 Gir Cow Ghee is made from milk collected from grass-fed desi gir cows. Grazing upon medicinal grasses in pastures makes the milk of desi gir cows a nectar. Now this nectar gives us best of A2 ghee.

With its pleasant aroma and flavour, our A2 ghee makes every dish in your home satiating and delicious.

Free from pesticides and chemicals, we ensure only the purest A2 ghee teaches your family.

A2 ghee is made from fermented butter churned out of curd/Cultured Ghee

Scientific fact  -  This is the only Ghee that melts Below Human Body Temperature, it melts at 36 degrees and human body temp is 36.1 degrees whereas all other ghees melt at 40 degrees.

100% Additives FREE, 100% Preservative FREE, 100% No Added Colours.

India's Best Desi Gir Cow Cultured Ghee

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