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Apple - Royal Gala / सफरचंद रॉयल

Apple - Royal Gala / सफरचंद रॉयल

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    Product Code: Apple - Kashmiri

    Experience the joy of tasting the delicious Royal Gala Apples, for their mild and sweet taste. They are just similar to the normal apples of the world, but with a light difference in their sweetness. Apples are considered as substitute to medicines and can be consumed along with your daily breakfast for health benefits. Apples are used as an ingredient in fruit salads or desserts like custards or else they can be prepared into milk shakes. Since apples contain high content of fiber and vitamins in them, these nutrients fight together in curbing cancers, controlling diabetics and reducing cholesterol to keep the heart in proper function.,Every 242 g serving of this apple provides 126 calories with moderate amounts of dietary fibre. Royal Gala Apples are rich in vitamin C, sugars, beta carotene and potassium. Apple Royal Gala are used in making desserts like apple pie, apple crumble, apple crisp, apple tart and apple cake. Moreover these apples can be baked, stewed and also can be used dried or canned.

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